I haven’t been writing much lately. There are a number of reasons for this, chief among them that my day job has been keeping me very busy of late, and I have other priorities at night so this “labor of love” comes somewhat further down in priority.

Also, for the last few days I’ve been bothered with bad neck/shoulder pain. Got a couple cortisone shots in the neck today and I wear a heating pad as I type this.

But even the above aren’t the only reasons. Lord knows Paul Thurrott and the usual suspects have provided plenty of material, and Universal is up to some more anti-iTunes stunts, and the next iPhone is going to cure cancer, and now that Microsoft doesn’t want Yahoo! any more just watch Google back out of any proposed deal (their work there is done), and on and on.

The issue is that, as I come up on the first anniversary of this site, I’m not sure where I want to go with it. Does the blogosphere really need another Apple blogger? A year ago I was going to post photos, some humor, and maybe the occasional poem or whatever else was on my mind. But then I decided to focus on tech, and while I’ve been happy with that I guess it’s not what I envisioned.

So I’ve been laying low.

“That’s great, Tom” (*yawn*), I hear you say, “but what the heck does the title of this post mean?”

If you check my listening/reading page you can see what I’ve been into lately. Basically, it’s the last dozen albums and books I’ve experienced. The title refers to the most recent book on that list.

Every now and then, when life seems too damn pigeon-holed and buttoned-down, I “escape” through this remarkable experience of one man in the frozen North. I’ve likely read Kabloona over 20 times since I first read it in ’81 (40 years after it was first published). I would generally have to say it’s my favorite book.

So the purpose of this post was simply to share what I consider a great book. And maybe the occasional post such as this is what I need to make this site complete.

5 thoughts on “Kabloona

  1. I just caught up – sorry to hear you’re having back and neck pain – I’ve seen the commercials for pain medication – those people look like they hurt. I also have had some issues lately with keeping my blog up to date because I am full swing into getting married and getting into a full blown Plaintiff suit against Bidzirk.

  2. Take a well-deserved break and the fire will come back. Your blog isn’t just another rant on the wild and untamed internet. I especially enjoy your wit and humor in taking idiots to task.

    If I have to read a poem or two now and then, bring it on!

  3. Hi Tom, well it’s your blog so you do what you like with it. Not many people write about apple with an understanding of what’s going on beyond the surface though, so I’ll hope you get back into that as well.

    All the best…

  4. hey Tom,

    hope you feel better soon. i suffered shoulder pain for a few years. it made computer work with a mouse quite painful. one of the things that made a big difference was teaching myself to be left handed when using a mouse. its not as hard as it seems. just a few minutes when you are web browsing is a good way to start – and build it up from there. i am so glad i started doing that 5 years ago as now i can enjoy my mac time so much more. (let me know if you want any more tips)

    and yes, i do appreciate your blog efforts, one of my other favourite blogs for thinking outside the mainstream / usual dogma was Blackfriars … but that has gone quite quiet since Carl moved onto other work so it would be a shame to lose your blog too.

    keep punching


  5. Sorry to hear about your pain problem Tom. Hopefully, those cortisone shots will help? As far as having another Apple blog goes, yours is definitely one of the best – insightful and informative, with a great analytical view on a host of Apple related topics. Hopefully, you will be able to keep it up? I, for one, missed not hearing from you in the past little while.

    As for having an occasional change of posts, well, I think that is great – it gives your blog a pinch of spice, which is really rather nice and both refreshing for you and your readers, of which I am one of your biggest fans.

    Again, I hope, like others I’m sure, that you will keep it up. It would be a loss not having it around, that’s for sure!

    As far a the book Kabloona goes, and after reading more about it on Wikipedia, it sounds great. Maybe some day I too will get to read it. After all I am a Canadian eh!

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