My Apple Store Tech Support Story: Part 2.

OK, while I was posting my last blog entry I got a call from Tom, the Apple Genius I worked with (and with a name like Tom you know he’s gotta be good) to say they thought the MacBook would be ready in maybe 45 minutes so I might want to consider hanging around the mall for it. Since I was still in the store, that was kind of a no-brainer. 

Thirty minutes later I get a call and the MacBook is ready. I go to pick it up and Tom asks me which machine I was called on. Turns out they will have both of them ready today! The iMac power supply did the trick, and the “dust” on the screen was smoke from the old power supply burning away. Ouch! They used some alcohol to clean it off. Tom went in the back to tell them to to package them both up since the iMac should be ready any minute.

Tom comes back out to tell me that one thing they had noticed is that they don’t feel the fans on the iMac are spinning as fast as they should be. As a precaution, they’re going to swap out the logic board and test it a bit more. He gave me the MacBook and said the iMac would be maybe another hour. What the heck, I’ll wait. 

So I’m typing this post on the new keyboard on the MacBook as I sit outside the Apple store in the mall. One machine down, one to go…