My Apple Store Tech Support Story: The Finale.

Well, I’m home now, and writing this on my nearly-new iMac. Final parts replacement (all covered under warranty): 


  • Video Card
  • Logic Board
  • LCD Panel
  • Power Supply
  • Top Case w/ Keyboard

Regarding the iMac, it would seem the only thing they left alone was the hard drive. 🙂

I could not be more pleased with the service. They were fast (despite my comment about people in front of me only minutes before my 11:00 appointment, they called my name on time), efficient, and kept me in the loop at all times. 

I had commented that it was a drag having both machines out of commission at the same time, so I especially appreciated their quick call to let me know the MacBook would be ready very soon and I might want to wait for it. That’s good service. 

I was hoping for the MacBook by tonight, but thought I had no shot at the iMac today, let alone so soon. 

I’ve seen numerous testimonials to excellent Apple service; consider this just another stellar review. 

1 thought on “My Apple Store Tech Support Story: The Finale.

  1. I just wished I lived near an Apple store. Not being near one is a bummer!

    Anyway, I’m glad to see that you got great service and your Mac’s are back.

    Hopefully, they will remain that way.

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