Well Whaddya Know? The iMac Has Cooling Fans.

If you read my last few posts you know that I have a nearly-new iMac now. (FYI, the new logic board “broke” my iTunes authorization and Time Machine backups, but that seems to be it).

So today I’ve been watching quite a number of videos, and when I turn them off I hear a sound. A blowing sound. Kind of like… a fan.

Is that coming from the iMac? Yes it is, it is coming from the iMac. Never heard that before, at least not like this. I better investigate.

Are you freaking kidding me? Do you mean this thing was supposed to be cooled like this all along? No wonder mine finally “blew up”!

Obviously, my iMac was defective from Day 1 as it never, ever sounded anything like this. Occasionally I’d hear a slight whirring, but nothing more. Oh brother, when the Apple Store rep told me the fans weren’t spinning quite as fast as they should be, he wasn’t kidding!

Perhaps it’s an amazing testament to the iMac that it lasted for 10 months of heavy use before burning out when the poor thing had at least one propeller tied behind its back the whole time.

This must have been a riot in the back of the Apple Store. Either that or it scared them. I can just hear it now:

“Replace everything on the inside.”

“But he’ll lose all his data!”

“Fine, the hard drive’s safe anyway, replace everything else.”


No wonder I got a nearly-new iMac!

Don’t get me wrong, the thing is not annoyingly loud, but compared to before it’s a whole different animal.

Perhaps if I’d had an iMac before I’d have noticed this one was too quiet, but I never thought anything of it. Wonder of wonders and miracle of miracles, at least now it’s saved.

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