Thurrott Fun With Headlines: Holiday iShill Edition.

Paul Thurrot’s occasional Fun With Headlines posts are usually pretty harmless. Sure, he uses them to get in one-sentence jabs at Apple now and then, but despite his claims to the contrary that’s his job, so no big deal.

Today, however, he must be unusually mad at Apple, so let’s see what his 4th of July Edition has to say:

Leopard is the buggiest OS Apple has put out since System 7.5
This line will be appearing in the next Switcher ad, I’m sure.

Paul, it’s not the Switcher campaign. That was years ago. It’s the Get a Mac campaign, and calling it by its wrong name doesn’t belittle it, though it does belittle your commenting on it.

Apple’s Snow Leopard. What’s The Point?
It appears to be a tacit admission that Leopard is horribly broken.

The only tacit admission by any company ever that their OS was horribly broken was when Microsoft dropped everything on Vista (then Longhorn) to code XP SP2 in the hopes of making it at least somewhat secure. They failed. It took them the better part of two years and, as they clearly acknowledged when Vista was finally released, XP SP2 was horribly broken. Yet it’s still preferred over Vista.

Thinking Like a Cocoa Programmer
Just think, “I’m going to sell 6 copies of this application!”

Paul is falling back on the classic Microsoft “argument” of just trying to overwhelm people with big numbers. But the numbers are falling, Paul, even as Apple’s rise, so it’s really not a good tack to take.

80% of companies using Macs
Unfortunately, they’re only using them 1.5 percent of the time

Foot in the door, Paul. Foot. In. The. Door.

An effective way to treat Web 2.0 vulnerabilities
Blame Microsoft?

Why the question mark? Aside from uneducated (read: Phished) users, the majority of attacks stem from vulnerabilities in IE (6 and 7) and IIS. The latter being a dirty little secret Microsoft (and their chief iShill) doesn’t talk much about.

Opera patches multiple bugs in flagship browser
Opera is fixing Firefox bugs now?

Paul, How can Firefox be considered a “flagship” browser when it lags behind IE in user base by a huge margin? Are you admitting it’s possible for much smaller numbers to be achieved by the better platform? If so, what about Apple and all your silly claims about market share? Oh, that’s right, Apple can never be better, regardless. Analysis, critical thinking, and their actual products need not apply.

What product category should Apple tackle next?
Maybe you should grab more than 1 percent of the cell phone market and 4 percent of the PC market before getting too excited about the next big thing. Just a thought.

Coming right after the Firefox comment above this is laughable. Not long ago Paul had this to say:

Now, in increasing numbers, people are turning to Macs–especially mobile Macs–at home, and especially so in the US, and especially in higher education. The iPhone is the hottest smart phone of the past 12 months, and the new iPhone 3G should make even more of an impact.

But now, apparently, Microsoft has reminded him of his directive, and it’s back to ignoring the US, just using global share, and claiming it isn’t worth spit. Oh, and the iPhone went from being the “hottest smartphone the last 12 months” (and it’s only been available for 12 months) to just having a mere 1 percent of the “cell phone market” (i.e., he no longer acknowledges a smartphone market).

This Microsoft “big numbers” argument cracks me up every time. As if Microsoft wouldn’t trade every Windows Mobile device right now for the iPhone.

Why I Still Use Windows Despite the Peer Pressure
You’re not a trend-following lemming who can think for yourself?

I thought the “big numbers” argument was the worst Microsoft (and Paul) could do. But never underestimate the power of desperation. So, if I understand this correctly, the OS Paul slams for having only 4 percent market share and being horribly broken is the one he’s claiming has the peer pressure and lemming support?

Did you really just say that, Paul? You wrote it with a straight face? Seriously?

Paul’s made some ridiculous comments, but this has gotta be in the top five.

Wouldn’t an intelligent non-shill realize that all the momentum and peer pressure, by far, is still on Windows’ side? It’s not even close. Windows is still unquestionably the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Remember, Paul, you yourself referred to Windows users as those who should “care about the systems you support now, your jobs, and your very livelihood” (emphasis mine). I’d call that pretty major peer pressure, and your implication otherwise is nonsensical.

It has always been Apple users who have fought peer pressure (and IT pressure), analyzed something “different”, and thought for themselves. Period. In fact, most Apple users know Windows, and have used it. The same is not even remotely true of Windows lemmings.

I can see why you posted this on a holiday, Paul. The fewer people who read it, the less foolish you look. I can’t wait to see what Microsoft makes you post on Labor Day.

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  1. Sebhelyesfarku, calling people names while stating no facts in your comment means you have zero credabilty. So why bother posting?

  2. Thanks for taking Thurrott to task. I don’t know how anyone can take his stuff seriously!

  3. Funny when a brainwashed Mactard calls somebody shill.

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