The iPod Touch Needs a Speaker: What To Do With An Old iPhone.

I wrote earlier about why I’m not upgrading to and iPhone 3G at this time, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t given some thought as to what will become of my beloved original 8GB model.

After working with the 2.0 software and App Store for the last few days on my iPhone and my daughter’s iPod touch, I think I know.

Yes, I could sell the original iPhone for a nice sum. After all, it’s easily unlocked for other carriers so I think its value remains high even in the face of the new iPhones (subsidized price notwithstanding).

However, games on the iPhone are just flat more enjoyable with the sound coming out of the speaker than on the touch. Sure, you can use headphones on the touch, but that’s kind of a pain for casual gaming.

I showed my daughter the silly but kind of fun Phonesaber application and we thought it was fun. Yet on the touch what’s the point? No cool light saber sound, and headphones there are a weak option, since you need to move the phone around a lot. And how do you show any of these apps off to friends without the sound?

The bottom line is the touch needs a speaker. Badly. Perhaps Apple will add one to the next generation, but the old iPhone will make a great new touch for my daughter. In addition to the speaker, there’s a microphone to make use of great apps like Shazam, and voice recording. Then you figure the built-in camera is just icing on the cake.

Finally, down the road when I’m ready to cough up for a data plan, the phone can be enabled so she’ll have the full-fledged device (at her age I’m not ready for her to have any phone other than a “free” one on the family plan, more or less just to help keep track of her).

I just think that while I could sell the phone, I ultimately get much more value with it being a replacement for her 8GB iPod. It’s the iPod that will be sold.

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  1. I agree. The old iPhone is a good choice for your daughter and yes, the Touch badly needs a speaker! I was told that Apple withheld giving the Touch a speaker to help keep the Touch from cannibalizing the original iPhone. True or not, I really don’t know?

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