WordPress iPhone Blog App.

Automattic released a WordPress blogging app for the iPhone today.

See the screenshot below for how it looks when writing.

Hmmm, you don’t see photos when you do a preview, so you have to take the app’s word for it. This throws a wrench into embedding Safari for live previews.

I deliberately quit the app and it saved my post, which was nice.

I don’t know how much I’ll use this, but if nothing else I can start posts here and save them as drafts. In the past if I had a blog idea I’d type them in the iPhone’s notes app and email it to me.


OK, these two paragraphs are being added from the WordPress blog on my iMac. This thing is actually pretty slick. After typing the above paragraph I looked for the draft on the web site and couldn’t find it. Duh! I guess it’s called a local draft for a reason. Anyway, you can bang it out and modify it all you want locally on the iPhone, and then either publish it or promote it to a draft on the web site. Which is what I did.

On the web site it shows in the draft folder, but on the iPhone it shows up in the list of the 30 most recent posts. In fact, in that list it’s impossible to know if it’s published or a draft unless you click the post and check the status (see below):


Sorry to keep switching on you, but the above picture and this paragraph are courtesy of the iPhone again. This is actually pretty sweet, considering I just installed it and haven’t read how to use it yet. Once it’s a draft on the web site the iPhone can still edit it, though there appears to be no way to make the draft local again.

OK, this final paragraph is courtesy of the iMac, and now I’ll publish it via the iPhone.

[UPDATE:] This update is from the iPhone, and as you can see it published just fine.

This app is going to be more useful than I thought. Biggest drawback is it’s not WYSIWYG, but it will be great for drafts and edits and inserting iPhone pictures without having to email them to me first.

[UPDATE #2:] Another update from the iPhone. In playing more with this app it’s clear local drafts are just meant for banging out rough ideas or text. Inserted pictures give no indication of being there, and in preview mode it just displays text that says a picture will be added to the bottom of the post.

Web drafts, however, are great. Though not WYSIWYG, when editing it shows the HTML code so you can verify the picture was placed where you wanted it. Further, preview mode displays the pictures beautifully. Embedding the Safari browser was a good idea after all. This is good stuff.

10 thoughts on “WordPress iPhone Blog App.

  1. Как вам удаётся так часто обновлять свой проект? Поделитесь секретом?

  2. Rob,

    I love mine (first generation owned for a year).

    Knowing your love of music, I can tell you that the iPhone versions of AOL Radio and Pandora are very nice apps (listening to a “Radiohead” station on Pandora even as I type this), and Shazam is the closest thing to magic I’ve seen in a while.

  3. Cheers, Tom.

    I am remarkably uninformed when it comes to hardware. But, I’m beginning to think that the iPhone is the answer to all (well, some…) of my problems!

  4. Rob,

    Yes. When you tap in the body of the blog post, the standard iPhone keyboard comes up.

  5. Hey Tom,

    Maybe a dumb question, but how do you actually type out an entry? Is there a keyboard?

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