Microsoft Vista’s New Ad Campaign: Bad Analogy.

Not sure what to make of Microsoft’s new ad strategy

I do know one thing: They should have used a better analogy. This one’s too easy to make fun of. For example, I see it more like this:

6 thoughts on “Microsoft Vista’s New Ad Campaign: Bad Analogy.

  1. Or how about…

    At one point, everyone thought the Earth was flat. Like a window.

    But then they found it was round. Like an apple.

  2. Well, I woulda rewritten it:

    At one point, everyone thought you had to have a PC.

    Get the facts about Macs.

  3. My take… Microsoft employees must all be flat earthers. Therefore Vista is a piece of junk for use on a round planet in a three dimensional world.

  4. The problem with their analogy is that the earth was never ever actually flat, but Vista really did suck in the beginning—I’m not so certain about the present state of Vista, but this ad calling me a Flat Earther for not buying it isn’t making me a lot more confident.

    Also, their list here:

    looks a lot like a poorly written version of the old GetAMac page:

    Whereas Apple has moved on and spiced things up to the current Why Mac page:

    Note that even the Apple URL is simple, clean and memorable compared to MS.

  5. People have already brought up a huge number of things wrong with this ad, but my favourites are the fact that the ship is from the 1800’s, long after the period of exploration they are referencing (the 1400’s) and the associated fact that even in the 1400’s it would be a mistake to think that most people believed the world was flat.

    One really has to be an idiot to respond to the launch of a bad product with an ad that effectively says “your ignorant if you think the product is bad, and here’s a hundred reasons why.” 🙂

    Interesting reflection on MS corporate culture though. It implies that the company believes that the users are not only “wrong” but that the job of Microsoft is to convince people of MS’s “rightness,” not to actually listen to their customers or provide a product that the customers want.

    Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that MS is still failing on all cylinders and apparently wearing blinders as well (mixed metaphors I know). At some point in their decline, they *will* likely wake up and re-organise, and then they could be dangerous. This is just another indication that the giant still sleeps the deep sleep of ignorance for now. 😉

  6. That is a really stupid ad… ‘everyone’ wrote Vista? If that’s the case then it is no wonder that it is a pile of crapola… stupid ads, stupid company, stupid product….

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