The MobileMe Disaster Spreads.

I’ve written about MobileMe’s horrid rollout on two separate occasions (more, if you consider the updates and comments of those posts). I’m happy to see some heavy hitters are now calling Apple on it as well.

Walt Mossberg and David Pogue both blasted Apple on this today. Even the extremely pro-Apple MacDailyNews site had this to say in their “take” on Pogue’s article (emphasis theirs):

We’re pulling all ads for MobileMe until further notice. If we miss some or one of them slips through via third-party ad network, please do not subscribe to MobileMe until Apple gets their act together. We’ll resume running ads for MobileMe when we’re more confident in the service.

I’m “happy” about this only in the sense that it was absolutely necessary. My concern is that it took so long for these people to come on board. I’ve been through enough product rollouts to see this one stank pretty much from the get go. It was not difficult to see something major was happening here, and that we weren’t just talking about version 1.0-type glitches.

This kind of bad publicity is necessary because, as the smoke cleared from the super duper major almost-everyone-is-getting-them-issues, Apple tried to breath a sigh of relief with their apology and 30-day extension. Yet all they’d done is peel back the first layer of onion to reveal more layers of rot underneath that, while perhaps not affecting everybody, were just as major. Even now, their simplistic status implying there are only email issues, and only for 1% of users, is absolute nonsense.

Apple has a bona-fide crisis on its hands, and deservedly so. I wonder what they’re gonna do about it…

7 thoughts on “The MobileMe Disaster Spreads.

  1. Partners,

    They’ve peeled back a layer of the onion, but they’ve got a ways to go. Calendar syncing is lacking, the mail web app and iPhone don’t match very well, bookmark support is flakey, and other issues are still there.

    Apple said they’ve already fixed 70 bugs, clearly there are a lot more.

    Again, not all issues are seen by all users, but there are a lot of issues (some little, some not so much) that they need to work out before someone like me would recommend anybody trial this service.

  2. Hmm, I keep hearing all these complaints but it worked fine for me after the 3rd day. A three day outage is pretty bad but hardly worth the hand-wringing that I’ve seen so far. If I was one of the 1% that is having continuing problems, that might be a different issue but we are talking 1% not 25%.

  3. I think the answer should be (free for a year) service – that truly would be a Blackberry Killer.

  4. Sorry, i meant “…the important thing is…”. 🙂

  5. What’s done is done. Apple screwed up big time, to put it kind of nicely.

    Now, the important is how, how fast and how well they clean up this mess. If all ends well, they may have a good chance of regaining the market’s trust. If not…well, lets just say they better succeed.

  6. You would have to say that Mobile Me was an ambitious project, and that switching people from .mac to MM was also a major challenge… and it was rolling out the new iPhone on top of this! – it looks like Apple was simply trying to do too many things at once…

    The problem is that when you are trying to get too much done and launch major new products and transfer people from an old to a new system all at the same time then the fact that it has all gone horribly wrong shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

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