My Proposed New Apple Get A Mac Ad.

You know the drill, people standing against a white background. It’s “Mac”, “PC”, and Jason Alexander

Mac: Hello, I’m a Mac. 

PC: And I’m a PC. 

Jason: And I’m a star from a very popular 90s sitcom. 

Mac (looking at PC a bit puzzled): What gives? 

PC: Well, You’ve controlled this conversation long enough. I’ve decided it’s time to start telling my own story, and what better way than to reach back to the 90s, when Windows 95 was King? Before Steve Jobs came back to Apple… before the iMac… before OS X… (brief pause) before Apple’s retail Stores… (pause) before the iPod and iTunes… (longer pause) before the iPhone…

Jason (rather sheepishly): Before we began going downhill…?

PC (head starting to bow): Yeah, before that. 

Fade out.

10 thoughts on “My Proposed New Apple Get A Mac Ad.

  1. Ha very good. Like that idea and think it would actually work quite well. I actually don’t like the current mac ad campaign. Just comes across smug really. Wish they’d show what the mac did instead of trying to score points with windows. At the end of the day its better than the new M$ ad. Man thats weird stuff. But the way you’ve scripted that would work imo.

    I actually wrote an article looking at Apples ad campaigns called ‘Attempting to understand Apple tv commercials’. Here’s the link:

  2. I love it, that would be an awesome commercial 🙂

  3. I have another one. Now that we have seen BIll Gates & Jerry Seinfeld hob knobbing at the Circus Clown store;

    you see the set of them in the background fuzzy out of focus PC Guy is stuck in an AERO-CHAIR off the set holding a couple of Eumatic cassettes with the tape (colored red) pulled and wrapped all around him and scattered all around the floor:There is a stck of Eumatic boxes on the floor next to the chair.

    Mac: Hey Pc what’s going on here?
    PC: Well Mac we’ve decided to tell the world how great Vista is with these two celebrities in a TV commercial, (gestures with a cassette to the set where you see the shoe store clerk struggling to make “the shoe fit”.

    Mac: (camera zooming out to show a Final Cut video work station)

    Hey PC – Yes Mac – Do you see that? Macs can create Video without all the red tape… in fact no tape at all, It’s even easier to create the ads for YOUR operating system – on a Mac! ”

    PC: droops his head as the Eumatic cassette opens and all of the tape spools out onto the floor.

  4. Excellent … I think they would actually do it (without the Steve Jobs part)

    Good to see you back … where were you?

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