Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ Goes With Their Contract.

When Nokia and Universal announced their “Comes With Music” initiative last December, this is what I wrote

This music is heavily DRM’ed — no subscription model can function without it. I suspect the idea that you still “own” it after the year is dependent upon one’s definition of the word “own”. I don’t think I’ll like Nokia/Universal’s definition.

When the full details come out, I bet we’ll discover that unless you continue a Nokia “Comes With Music” contract on a phone (in which case you’re still paying for the subscription), or never change the PC you’re using when the phone terms expire, you will lose the music.

Today we now have details on the thing. The relevant points: 

The user is only able to change registered mobile device or PC every three months for a further two years post termination.

After two years post termination (after three years from beginning of the subscription) users will be able to keep the content on their current device/PC but will no longer be able to re-download it from the service.

In short, as I suspected, I don’t like Nokia’s definition of the word “own”.

You “own” it as long as you stay with one of their devices and keep extending your contract. Once the contract is over, however, the music is stuck on the mobile device/PC you have at the time, and cannot be moved. Own it, my ass.