Revisiting Stanza and the iPhone as an eBook Reader.

I wrote an in-depth review of Stanza last July. I didn’t know how seriously the iPhone would be taken as an eBook reader, but it sure had me convinced. I still love this app, and it’s been improved since that review.

Recently, Forbes has taken notice as well, even calling out Amazon’s Kindle as being surpassed as an eBook reader by the iPhone and Stanza. Good for the folks at Lexcycle, and good for Forbes to take notice.

I’m sure Amazon and others will list a dozen reasons why the iPhone is not an eBook reader, but I think they’re wrong. The smaller screen? So what? How many words do you need to see at once? Books come in all shapes and sizes, did you ever not buy one because of its size?

Stanza works wonderfully with the iPhone, and provides an excellent reading experience. For those not convinced, or just curious, give it a try. As I concluded in my review:

When the Kindle came out there was a lot of talk about if it could replace the “book experience”. That is, the physical act of hefting the book, “curling up” with it, flipping through pages, etc. I don’t discount any of these, but I’ve come to believe part of why the Kindle has to compete with that is because it is the size of a book.

Honestly, with the iPhone I never think about that. It’s smaller and lighter than any book, and the one-handed operation with a simple flick of the thumb to turn pages is so smooth and intuitive I was immersed in reading before I knew it. I think a big key is to use the option to hide the info bar. With the entire screen taken over, and using a color/font/design of your choice, it was easy for me to forget I was holding an electronic device that also takes calls, gets emails, etc.

Apparently I’m not alone in thinking this way.

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  1. People should be aware that the Stanza desktop app does not fully support 64 bit Macs (e.g. basically everything Apple has sold for a few years) as I’ve found out and as noted in their faq: It makes it very impractical to get documents you’ve already got into Stanza on the iPhone. No Thanks.

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