Onward and Upward: I’ve Joined TheAppleBlog.

While I’m not shutting down this site, I’m very happy to announce that today I’m starting a gig at TheAppleBlog

TheAppleBlog is one of a growing number of blogs in the GigaOM network. I can sum up why writing for them interests me by quoting Om Malik’s announcement of Giga Omni’s purchase of the blog last month:

…I had always wanted to start an Apple-related blog — one that was more analytical, did more in-depth reviews and at the same time focused on helping the new switchers to Mac and iPhone platforms, making suggestions on tools and applications. What we didn’t want to do was compete with the existing blogs, especially ones that do a great job of breaking and aggregating news — sites such as the AppleInsider, MacNN, TUAW, and the MacDailyNews.

I subscribe to all the blogs above, and I never considered The Small Wave a “news” blog. Rather, I tried to dwell a bit more on a particular topic, adding a little depth. I’ve also written reviews, how-tos, commentary, etc. I wanted to write for a blog that lets me continue to do that, and I believe I’ve found that at TAB. 

There are also challenges with writing for a group blog, and competing with other writers for topics, etc., that I think will make my writing sharper. I look forward to that, and for the sheer variety of topics I believe it will push me to write about. 

If you have not yet discovered TheAppleBlog, I hope you’ll subscribe and give it a try. There are daily updates, and I’ll have new articles up roughly three times a week.

3 thoughts on “Onward and Upward: I’ve Joined TheAppleBlog.

  1. Congrats … if I’d have known you were for hire or barter or lease I’d have propositioned you. The Apple Blog is a great place though.

    Note though that they may be in jeopardy because of the name just as Bill Palmer got the axe for iPodGarage and even LoadPod. The Apple Blog name does not fit into the allowable monikers found here:


  2. Hey Tom,

    Congratulations. The Apple Blog is a good site and you are a thoughtful writer. There aren’t enough of you around – good luck. I’ll look out for you.

  3. Congratulations! The Apple Blog is a great site and your a great writer. I look forward to reading your hard hitting, intelligent posts on Apple Blog.

    Apple Blog scored a scoop, your one of the better writers out there. Lucky them and lucky for us, your faithful readers!

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