TAB – Apple’s Promised Product Transitions

Ars Technica wrote an article about Macs and Blu-ray drives. That’s fine, but they did so under a misguided premise: 

In the third quarter earnings call in July, Apple warned investors about an upcoming product transition that would eat away at the company’s cushy margins. However, in the intermediate, no new or updated products have surfaced that look like they could be responsible for significantly reduced margins.

The article then dismisses the new “unibodies” for the MacBook and MacBook Pros, instead suggesting a “mystery margin-reducing product or feature” must have been intended. It goes on to postulate that Blu-ray was supposed to be that mystery feature, but that Apple decided against it. 

No way.

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1 thought on “TAB – Apple’s Promised Product Transitions

  1. I can see why blue ray was voted down…
    It seems foolish to incorporate technology that is yet to be popular (within the US) and even more of a mistake when you consider that Apple target themselves globally even more that domestically, and the rest of the world only heard of blue ray, or might have seen a single copy in blockbuster (and that’s not all that common too).

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