Windows 7 beta in VMWare Fusion on Unibody MacBook


The install was pretty easy. Sound was working fine after the install, but died somewhere along the way. Is it the beta? Is it Fusion? Who knows?

Didn’t really do this to troubleshoot beta issues since VMWare does not officially support Windows 7, and I’m sure Microsoft is not likely to be too interested in supporting that environment either.

No, I did this just to get a sense of how Windows 7 runs, feels, and acts. I did not like Vista at all, so my other VMs are Windows XP SP3. I’m interested in smacking 7 around a bit to see what gives.

[UPDATE 1:] The sound that disappeared last night mysteriously reappeared today. I had rebooted and tried a couple things last night, but could not get it back. Today, after the laptop awoke from sleep, it’s back. Odd, that.

[UPDATE 2:] This post is being updated courtesy of Windows Live Writer. I really, really like this app and wish the Mac had something similar.

1 thought on “Windows 7 beta in VMWare Fusion on Unibody MacBook

  1. By all accounts, Windows 7 looks like it will be a winner! Whether or not it will best Snow Leopard is hard to say, but somehow I doubt it. None-the-less, it will possibly be more than good enough to get people to stay with Windows, or, who knows, some might even be tempted to see switch back from the Mac to Windows, so I’m looking forward to your experiences with it.

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