TAB – Initial Thoughts On iPhone OS 3.0

The blogosphere will be “all OS 3.0, all the time” for a while. I wanted to wait a little bit and see some reaction to the update.

Predictably, Paul Thurrott didn’t approve. He cherry-picked a few things and claimed they should have been there from the start. He conveniently ignored the new APIs and other enhancements, and then just griped about there being no hardware announcements. At a software event. The man gets less relevant about Apple every day.

To me, the biggest surprise came from another GigaOM network site, jkOnTheRun. In an article there, 40 percent of the readers polled were “underwhelmed” with the update. A few even saying that the announcement “pushed” them to the Palm Pre…

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1 thought on “TAB – Initial Thoughts On iPhone OS 3.0

  1. It was funny Tom … Scott Moritz came to the same conclusion: DISAPPOINTMENT that there was no hardware at a software event.

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