A Change Is Gonna Come

Whisk_Broom.jpgNo, not anything like a sweeping change, but I’m in the midst of revising this site, and re-thinking it.

Truth is, since I began writing for the Apple Blog nearly all of my writing has gone there, with only a corresponding article here pointing to it. Those articles always begin with “TAB -” so you know it’s going to link externally.

Much as I love writing for TAB, they (rightly) aren’t interested in anything “non-Apple”. And though I do focus on Apple, I like to write about other things in tech as well. I think many of them have impact on Apple followers anyway, and that the dots don’t have to be connected, it’s just understood.

Also, TAB is not interested in short (less than 100 word) articles. However, while my articles tend to run long, I want to start posting shorter items, such as the one today about early impressions of the Palm Pre.

I’ve also dusted off my Twitter account and believe I’ve found out how I want to use that service. Follow me if you’re interested. I’ve also added a Twitter sidebar to this blog.

Finally, I’ve added a Q&A page (yes, a FAQ) to help explain my motives and feelings about this blog.

What I hope you’ll start seeing here are more non-TAB posts, shorter in length, that quickly touch on items of various interest with a few comments. It’s not always about trying to wax eloquently, sometime it’s more about getting the conversation started.

2 thoughts on “A Change Is Gonna Come

  1. I tend to agree, it’s really important to do shorter posts. Main reason is that unless someone is really, really interested in the subject your writing about, they won’t bother reading much of it anyway.

    In other words: people are generally lazy! And that counts when it comes to reading anything.

    Like you, I want to try to write shorter posts for the above reasons, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. As a trained children’s writer writing for people with short attention spans I know how much harder, at times, it is to write a short post than a long one.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  2. I thought the same way and veered off into “OtherSubjectLand” about two years ago … I’m in the opposite situation though … I’m somewhat limited about what I CAN say about Apple – so I’ve ventured off into other territory and interests every now and then. Good luck – I really liked your last AppleBlog entry about the Pre Sync issue – great history I didn’t know.

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