Thurrott Just Can’t Mention Microsoft Without A Crack About Apple

In a quick blurb on the Windows IT Pro site, Paul Thurrott states that Microsoft is sending a record number of security fixes this month. OK, fine, that’s probably a good piece of information for the “Windows IT Pros” the site is there to serve.

But we also get this little bit:

Although the volume of fixes Microsoft announced is reminiscent of what Mac OS X users face from Apple on a far more haphazard schedule

Sure, Paul. Whatever. You know what? The first commenter on your post is on to something. It seems kind of a “jacka$$” thing to say. I’m not sure how that’s supposed to serve the “Pros” you’re ostensibly speaking to.

2 thoughts on “Thurrott Just Can’t Mention Microsoft Without A Crack About Apple

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  2. Your comment regarding this Thurrott reminded me of the 9 to 5 Mc J Evans, whenever Mac OS comes up he wouldn’t failed to mention W7 positively, I am wondering how much is MS paying him to do that.

    I believe the FTC will be knocking on his door to explain the above and the tax dept will investigate whether he is reporting his tax dues honestly.

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