A New Look.

I liked the old look, but more and more I found that I wanted to get away from things that distract from the reading. Black and white may be unimpressive, but it’s never garish either; it’s classic and timeless.

There were a number of things I was looking for in a new theme:

  • A single column when reading individual articles. I didn’t want the reader distracted with left- or right-hand columns.
  • Wider space for article text.
  • Larger font, preferably serif.
  • Navigation arrows to the Next and Previous articles.

As you can see, this theme meets all the above. In addition, it had other pluses that worked in its favor:

  • I really like the magazine type columns on the home page. Most themes highlight only your most recent article, this one highlights the last three.
  • Three columns at the bottom for widgets. This puts widgets on every page (a plus), yet the site visitor only views them when they want, not while they’re reading.
  • Red links. (Sue me, red’s my favorite color.)

There are some weaknesses, too. For example, I wish this theme displayed my tagline (it does, it’s a user option on the theme itself). But there was no theme that didn’t compromise on something.

Feel free to comment, I’m interested in what you think.

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