The Apple Retail Experience

Jason Kelly at Seeking Alpha writes a great article about the Apple retail experience that accompanied his switch to the Mac after 20+ years as a PC user.

Just a couple of highlights from the article:

Such a store shows a great deal of confidence in the products, which gives me confidence as a buyer. I’m not being rushed out the door with a flimsy piece of paper saying I have tech support for a year if I need it — just call this number in India, but don’t under any circumstances bother us here — but am instead given all the time and freedom to arrive at about the only conclusion anybody can: I want one.

When my tally was finished, he added up the retail prices and then reduced each of them in front of me to get me a greater than 10% discount. Mind you, this was after I’d agreed to buy, so it was just a smart form of customer service. What a way to leave me even happier. They didn’t entice me with lowball prices. They sold me on quality products, and then offered me savings as a form of thanks for the business. Very classy.

You really should read the whole thing. It’s an excellent example of Apple excelling in something that can’t be just chalked up to great marketing or alleged “fanbois” buying anything with the Apple logo. If nothing else, perhaps it shows how these so-called fanbois are created in the first place.