Rational Reasons To Avoid the iPhone?

Nice review of the iPhone 3G S by David Pogue at the NYT. It’s a good review, and I was struck by a statement he made in his conclusion:

At this point, the usual list of 10 rational objections to the iPhone have been whittled down to about three: no physical keyboard, no way to swap the battery yourself and no way to avoid using AT&T as your cell company.

Here are my comments on the three remaining reason he gives:

  • No physical keyboard. I’ve written about the difference between software and hardware keyboards elsewhere. I believe the universal landscape keyboard in iPhone OS 3.0 addresses some of the complaints people had re: needing a hardware keyboard  in terms of two-handed typing.
  • No swappable battery. This is a non-starter in my opinion. Some people still think the iPod needs one. In any case, the new iPhone has increased battery life pretty significantly; the more battery life, the less need to swap it.
  • AT&T only. Valid, but valid for anyone no matter what. In other words, if you don’t live in an area with AT&T service than you can’t consider the iPhone. Besides, without that exclusivity we wouldn’t have the iPhone as we know it.

To me, unless you’re outside AT&T coverage it’s really come down to people who will always find a reason to ding the iPhone.

4 thoughts on “Rational Reasons To Avoid the iPhone?

  1. Rus,

    I’ve been on WordPress since my move off of .Mac hosting and iWeb about 17 months ago. I really like WordPress.

    My 3G S is on a FedEx truck for delivery by 3p this afternoon (I hope). I’m pretty pumped about it, especially seeing as I wanted more CPU horsepower LAST year. The lack of a faster device is one of the reasons I didn’t upgrade to a 3G.

  2. I love the new design – is this still on blogger or somewhere else.

    This iPhone 3Gs (which I got without incident or reservation I less than 10 minutes) is truly a device from my childhood dreams come true.

    That sounds so silly to say – but it’s so true.

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