Scoble Is Slobbering Again

Robert Scoble is apparently drooling all over a new… (wait for it) Dell! It’s called the Z, and he’s very excited:

this is the first Dell that has me slobbering in a very long time.

And with that ringing endorsement he also says he’ll be “dumping” his Mac. OK.

From the photo it seems like a nice looking machine, in that black MacBook sort of way (which is a nice looking machine).

But isn’t that kind of a “been there, done that” design? And it still runs Windows, right? I couldn’t help but notice it has the requisite PC stickers on it. Further, was Scoble only interested in Macs for their hardware/design? The Mac OS meant nothing?

You can see more about the new Latitude Z here. Meanwhile, don’t dump your Mac, Robert, sell it. Or send it to me.