Dear AT&T: It’s Time To Produce Results, Not Public Statements

When it comes to talking a good game, AT&T may very well be the King. I’ve lost count of the Press Releases or public statements about how fixes for their iPhone users’ greatest complaints seem just over the horizon.

  • MMS? Sure, by the end of summer.
  • Tethering? It’s coming as soon as we can get it.
  • A better signal? Why, we’ve got this great 3G upgrade rollout that’ll solve everything.

Never mind the first two items are already available on AT&T’s network for other phones.

They keep talking about addressing weak coverage, but it never happens. Their latest spiel says that New York, San Francisco, and other large cities will get relief via “3G on 850 Mhz”, which makes use of the older frequency. Further, they’ll be adding 2,100 cell towers and other glorious things.

The technical details make sense to me, so I’m not disputing that. My complaint is they’ve been talking about various upgrades for a long time, yet the signal still sucks for the same people in the same places it’s always sucked. In short, nothing’s changed.

So, AT&T, please keep quiet and just get to work. The next time you talk about this, it should be to say “Sorry this took so long” to all the people who are finally getting the relief you’ve been promising for so long. The time for talk is over, do something, will ya?

8 thoughts on “Dear AT&T: It’s Time To Produce Results, Not Public Statements

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  5. Tom, on the MMS front … I think there’s more to it than just a promise. MMS allows transmission of copyrighted audio, and copyrighted video. Note that it also allows the transmission of executeable java games and javascript. I say MMS on the iPhone is a security issue.

  6. I live in West Malibu, California and the coverage is terrible. Yes, we have the Santa Monica Mountains but another tower would do the job. I am tired of complaining. I previously had Verizon and it was great and consistent. I will not extend my contract with AT&T unless service improves before my contract runs out this year. I love the iPhone but it is just not worth the ATTack on my phone!!

  7. Yeah, we’ve heard promises of better coverage in Alaska too. Just weeks ago, 3G finally for Anchorage and Wasilla – yes our governor lives there. However, none for Juneau, the State Capitol, nor for Fairbanks nor the Kenai Peninsula.

    AT&T is full of promises.

  8. Unfortunately, the new towers won’t help.

    AT&T is currently over-subscribed in the major cities. Apple’s iPhone is still attracting significant numbers of switchers from other networks and retaining existing customers, so AT&T’s user base is increasing. The new towers probably will just help keep the status quo.

    It probably will take much more investment to actually reduce the amount their network is oversubscribed.

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