Posterous: Blogging the Easy Way


I finally signed up for a Posterous account, and while I’ve only been playing with it a short time I’m impressed so far.

I can use the mobile WordPress app on my iPhone to post here, but it puts pictures at the end of the post, and you really don’t know what it’ll look like until you see the thing on your blog.

Posterous uses email for posting, which is very nice. You can’t make text links, you can make links vie Rich Text in your email, and you can have links in your post by pasting a URL in the email; Posterous will make it a link.

Paste a picture in the email and it sizes and hosts it for you, nothing to upload (paste multiple pictures together and it makes a cool gallery). In fact, you can paste a variety of files types; Posterous will just do the right thing (see this FAQ for details). I posted an iPhone video and it works great. And, posted videos play great on the iPhone.


Today I posted a mini-review of ColorSplash for the iPhone. The whole thing was done in the iPhone’s email app. I was able to paste the pictures exactly where I wanted them (thank you for easy copy and paste of pictures, iPhone OS 3.0!), and they showed up perfectly.


You might think you saw that same review on this blog. You did. Because another beautiful thing about Posterous is that it can post to other services as well as its own. I registered this blog, my Flickr account, and my Twitter account, and Posterous can post to them all at my command.

I can use one email address to hit all my registered services (Flickr gets photo articles added to your photo stream, Twitter gets a tweet with the article title and a shortened URL). Or I can use an email address that posts to Posterous only, and then in Posterous I can post to the other services with just a click, which is what I did with the ColorSplash review.

There are email addresses you can use to post to the individual services, or any combination of them. I’ve created contacts in address book for “Posterous Only”, “Posterous Flickr”, “Posterous Everything”, etc. to make this easy.

You want comments on the blog? They’re included. An RSS feed? Yep, it’s there, too. Tags? No problem: In the email subject they go at the end like this, without quotes: ((tag: tag1, tag2, etc…))

Please check out thesmallwave’s posterous. You’ll see I’ve even been playing around with Rich Text email formatting. Heck you may as well subscribe to my feed as long as you’re there.

I plan to use Posterous for snapshots and other types of posts that may not “fit ” into this site very well. In addition, if I want to post to this site on the road I might use Posterous email instead of the WordPresss mobile app because it seems so much easier to do via email (and WordPress’ email posting is much weaker).