Bing Is One Month Old. How’s It Doing?

According to Microsoft, Bing has done well in its first month:

We saw 8 percent growth in unique users to in June, which is an important indicator that you are trying Bing and the word is spreading.

I’m sure that, coming from Microsoft, some of this is hyperbole, but probably no more so than other companies “exaggerate”.

In my view, even if the exact figure may be disputed, I am not surprised that Bing has likely done well so far. I rather like it.

In fact, I’ve set it as my default search in Internet Explorer (though I hardly use IE) and  Firefox. Unfortunately, I can’t set it as my default in Safari, because Apple seems to think there are only two search engines: Google and Yahoo. Come on, Apple, let’s open that up a bit, OK?

1 thought on “Bing Is One Month Old. How’s It Doing?

  1. I too have to agree, Bing is great, but it’s not my default just yet. And yes, I also have to agree that Apple has got to open Safari up to more than just the two biggest search engines.

    Personally, I think it’s important that Yahoo and Bing are able to compete well with Google. The last thing we all need is to have one ompany, be it Google, Apple, Microsoft or whom ever, dictate how and what we can do.

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