Microsoft Office 2010: This is Simplification?

microsoft-office-2010-about.pngOnly Microsoft could offer five freakin’ versions of an office suite and consider it a “simplified” lineup.

And, what’s worse, they now have two versions with “professional” in the name. Really? As if the pro designation isn’t getting old enough as it is, now we have Professional, and Professional Plus.

But it doesn’t stop there, there’s two versions with “home” in the name as well. Home and Student, and Home and Business. Seriously? Could you possibly have any idea what products might come in these versions? Is it even clear how they tie-in to “home”?

Where do they get the marketing morons who name these things, and why isn’t there somebody in the room with a club when the name is suggested?

1 thought on “Microsoft Office 2010: This is Simplification?

  1. The really funny thing is that Ballmer just chastised Google for having 2 OSs (Chrome and Android). I guess they’ve forgotten that they currently sell 6 or 7 versions of XP, 6 or 7 versions of Vista, Windows Mobile, several versions of Windows Server, and prerelease sales of 6 or 7 versions of WIndows 7. Yeah, two OSs (one for mobile devices and one for computers) sure is confusing.

    Someone needs to get Ballmer under control. He’s really out of touch.

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