Palm’s Mojo SDK is Now Available!


Good for Palm. According to the official Palm Blog, the WebOS SDK (dubbed Mojo) is now available to “all interested app developers”.

From all the press I’ve read on the Pre the WebOS is very promising, yet the device needs two things:

  • Better hardware. The build quality is unimpressive and the keyboard cheap.
  • Apps, apps, and more apps. Only about 30 or so available.

There’s nothing that can be done about the first item for early adopters. The Pre they bought is the Pre they get. However, one can hope Pre has listened and future devices will be better.

As for the second, very little could be done until the SDK was available, and no one knew for sure when that would be. It is indeed good news that’s it’s here, and any interested Pre developers no longer have to wait.

It remains to be seen how developers will react to the SDK, and if it will be well-received. I await feedback from the development community with interest. Meanwhile, here’s a post with some initial “quick and dirty” comments on it.