Annoying or Not? iPhone App Links Going To iTunes Instead of the Browser



Is it just me?.

In my posts, whenever I link to an iPhone app it goes to the developer’s web site, usually the specific page for that app. Lots of people, however, use the link that takes you to the product page in iTunes. I find that incredibly annoying.

For example, if you knew nothing about the app Juxtaposer, and someone was raving about it, would you rather be linked here (web) or here (iTunes)? I’ve got a few reasons for preferring the web to iTunes:

  • If I’m reading your post I’m obviously already in my browser, can’t I just stay there? I mean, what makes you think I want to switch apps?
  • I only need iTunes if I’m gonna download the thing, which more often than not I don’t do. So why wouldn’t I just review the app’s information in my browser first?
  • I may not have iTunes running! This one bugs me the most because iTunes isn’t exactly a speed demon at launching. I’ve specifically avoided clicking links for this reason.
  • Aside from the app, on the web I can also look into what else the developer offers in terms of products, support, etc. Sure, the iTunes page has the developer link, but it’s where I should have gone first.

The bottom line is, to say the least, it’s distracting to get switched from the browser just to get information on an iPhone app. To say the most it’s a pain in the rectum.

It’s the web. I use the browser to review pretty much anything before I buy or download it, and I see no reason for this process to be different for an iPhone app. If I like what I see, the app’s web page will obviously have the iTunes link, so I’m not going to have a problem getting there if I decide I want the app.

Does this annoy anyone else?

6 thoughts on “Annoying or Not? iPhone App Links Going To iTunes Instead of the Browser

  1. I’m totally guilty of this and I hadn’t even given it much thought. You make good points, I shall be reformed! 🙂

  2. sfmitch,

    “It’s all about being clear about what the link does.”

    The problem is, even if they’re clear (the URL gives it away anyway), it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t have a web link. I suppose the author could provide a link to both, but that seems like overkill to me.

  3. Yes. Real web page link, upon which lives an iTunes link/button.

  4. I’d much rather be redirected to the app website. I have to admit, I’ve been guilty of linking to the app in question, but I always make sure to specify that it is in fact an iTunes link, and provide additional contextual links (and prices, Matthew).

    But yeah, I agree. At least provide the option to go to either the dev site or the iTunes page, and clearly mark which is which.

  5. It’s all about being clear about what the link does.

    As for me – most of the time, I read a review and I want to go directly to iTunes to buy the App. Other times, I need / want more info and the developer’s website would be ideal.

    As for those making the links, why not give 2 links – 1 to developer’s site and 1 to iTunes?

  6. christ yes I don’t run iTunes on a regular basis, not even to play music (thanks Ecoute) because it takes up a too much resources, takes ages to load then to load the app store itself.

    I also find myself supremely annoyed that developers websites rarely have the price on there too

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