Dear Apple: I Wish My iPhone 3GS Would Lay Flat


I bought an original 2G (EDGE) iPhone one week after they debuted. There wasn’t enough in the 3G upgrade a year later to compel me to switch, but I upgraded to a 3GS the day they were made available.

I love the 3GS. It provided things I was hoping they’d introduce in the 3G a year earlier, and was worth the wait. I had a couple glitches, but they were rectified the day after receipt and it’s been great since then.

But I have two complaints with the new model (they apply to the 3G as well). One of them is pretty trivial, the other is a real pain:

  • The glossy back feels slippery to me. I really liked the stainless steel back. It’s not so much the look, but rather the “rougher” texture in the hand.
  • I hate the rounded back. Am I the only one who used this thing while it sat flat on a table? If I try to now, it wobbles when touching the screen edges. That really sucks, and makes it pretty much unusable. It’s been six weeks and I’m still not used to being unable to do this.

I realize the stainless steel back almost certainly had to go to allow for the additional antennas for 3G and GPS signals. I’m fine with that, but why not a textured back so it doesn’t feel so slick?

As for the rounded back, it’s ridiculous. The 3G actually added to the thickness of the device. I believe they narrowed it at the edges to camouflage that fact, so it wouldn’t feel thicker. It’s doubtful anyone would’ve noticed the extra thickness, but I notice that it wobbles when you use it while it’s laying down.

OK, I’ll admit this is a little thing, but it’s the “little things” at which Apple usually excels. I miss the usability, especially when typing a lot. Perhaps in the 4G…?

3 thoughts on “Dear Apple: I Wish My iPhone 3GS Would Lay Flat

  1. Try an InvisiShield case. I use one for the whole back and also the screen protector. Going on 9 months and it still is pristine (note…take your time putting it on and it will last!).

    It still fits in all the docks that I use and the shield adds a bit of grip without bulk. The case is still shiny and if you don’t look close you can’t tell it is there. The screen wipes off easier than when it is glass. I have no idea how this is feasible, but I like it.

    Try it out! (I do not work for them even though it sounds like it!) lol I just really like it.

  2. Justin,

    The problem is I’m not a pocket guy. My case is one that attaches to my belt and uses velcro for closure (don’t use a magnet with the compass!). It’s light, and then when I use the phone it’s “naked” and as small as intended.

    If I got a case to help it lie flat, then it wouldn’t clip to my belt, and I’d have to put it in my pocket, and it would be bulkier all the time.

  3. Why not get a case? You can solve both problems. Sure it’ll be a little thicker and heavier, but you can get some really awesome cases now.
    Check out

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