Windows 7 Starter Edition: No Desktop Picture For You


The Supersite for Windows has some nice screenshots of Windows 7 Starter Edition (i.e., the edition for netbooks).

Starter edition is crippled over the other editions in several ways, such as fewer provided games, fewer utilities, no Aero interface, etc. But the crippled feature I find most interesting is that you cannot change the desktop background; you can’t customize the desktop.

It must be really sad for Microsoft to have so little faith in the upgrade from Starter — Home Premium — that they have to make you stare at a generic desktop picture in order to help spur you to upgrade. Apparently, they don’t think Home Premium’s features are enough enticement on their own. I mean, what other purpose could there be for such a stupid desktop restriction on Starter other than Microsoft fearing that if you could customize the desktop, you wouldn’t really “miss” anything else, and therefore have little desire to upgrade?

Windows 7’s various editions make less and less sense as each day goes by. When Mac OS X Leopard gets here, I think I’ll just get the “Ultimate” version. Oh, that’s right, that’s all they sell. It’s yet again a good time to be a Mac user.

4 thoughts on “Windows 7 Starter Edition: No Desktop Picture For You

  1. The little that you get with Windows 7 Starter Edition says a big deal to me…. namely, I think that I too will be sticking to Snow Leopard Ultimate!

    In other words: The Starter Edition ENDS, in my mind, any hope that Microsoft will ever get a clue!

  2. I understand there are difference between Windows for server and homeuse. For for God’s sake, Microsoft .. what kind of moneymunching whores do you have to have people pay for a stripped version?

    Where are the days that when you bought 3.11, 95 or 98 you just bought it all in one pack? Hell, even Xp could keep to that!

    I think it’s downright outrageous

  3. Ugly! Garrish colors… Nothing subtle… in your face GUI… XP looks better… I was confused by the simple interface… help!

    SL soon!

  4. while i can see a reason for having a server and desktop os but different desktop operating systems from microsoft is just another way they can tax you, plain and simple. you want all the features you got to plump up serious cash, your a business? oh we want more cash from you than the home owner because you can afford it and you want to stay in the game right? ha microsoft drones.

    The more I hear about this netbook edition of windows 7 the worse it gets and really makes me glad i ditched the platform. fight the cancer that is linux by making your customers suffer with less features, very clever.

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