Hey Microsoft, I Fixed Your Windows 7 Upgrade Chart


Microsoft created an upgrade chart for Window 7. Bottom line is it says if you want to upgrade to Windows 7 you should buy a new PC. Oh sure, you can “upgrade” without buying new hardware, but you’ll be in pain and probably traumatized for life. Who needs that?

So, with the understanding that new hardware is the best way to go, I’ve taken the liberty of simplifying the chart considerably:


Now you only have to worry about which one of the many different OS editions you’re coming from, not which one of the many different OS editions you’re going to. The destination OS has just a single, “ultimate” edition. It’s as simple as that.

No need to thank me, Microsoft, just trying to help out.

3 thoughts on “Hey Microsoft, I Fixed Your Windows 7 Upgrade Chart

  1. Less is more. The complex is made simple. We can have our geeky UNIX power and eat it (with a tasty OS X icing), too. Apple’s approach is so sublimely brilliant, the Redmond lemmings just don’t get it. IT JUST WORKS, people!

  2. Brilliant. (And extra funny because Leopard really does support 32 bit and 64 bit so they both “just work”.)

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