Another App Store Save: Phil Schiller and Company Call Again.

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An article on TechCrunch today tells a story of yet another instance where Apple’s Phil Schiller communicated with developers regarding an issue at the App Store.

The first occurrence was to Daring Fireball in relation to Ninjawords, the second was to Panic developer Steve Frank regarding his boycott of the iPhone due to Apple’s rejecting the Google Voice app, and this third was to a developer trying to get Rising Card — a magic trick app — approved.

As I’ve stated before, I think the visibility at such a high level is great, but TechCrunch seems almost suspicious, or at the very least concerned:

But I still find it a little crazy that it’s Schiller who is personally doing this. On one hand it’s great, but it’s also odd. Perhaps that speaks to this being more serious of a situation then just some apps being rejected.

In my opinion it was indeed “more serious”. I felt that it had gotten out of control. In other words, it had reached the point where there were too many people with too little oversight making too many judgement calls. It was a mess, and not going to be addressed at anything but a concerted executive level.

The TechCrunch piece goes on to state:

When MobileMe was having troubles following its launch last year, Steve Jobs stepped in to right the ship, and it worked. It looks like Schiller may be doing the same now with the App Store. Let’s hope that works too.

Good comparison, and it’s exactly what I said was needed 10 days ago: “Personally, I think it’s time Apple personel had a meeting like they did after the MobileMe rollout debacle.

I am glad to see this attention from Apple, and glad to see it has filtered down a bit, from Schiller to Phil Shoemaker (Director of App Technology). The latter is critical as it must filter down through the organization to become effective. Still, things keep looking better even though the task has just begun.

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  1. Over all, as I stated in a similar piece on my own little blog, I think that this will end up resulting in everyone winning, the APP STORE, the developers and, most importantly, we the customers. It should result in better and more apps coming our way in the APP STORE in the near future.

    At least I sure do hope so?

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