Groklaw’s Excellent Take on the Recent Psystar Shenanigans


A great article on Groklaw about the Apple/Psystar case taking a “darker turn”. Even if you just read up to Psystar’s two reproduced letters, it’s a somehwat long post, but it’s excellent. The following quote struck me the most:

I am starting to wonder, are weirdo lawsuits involving companies with nothing much to lose and claims and defenses that seem doomed from the start going to happen to *all* of Microsoft’s competitors?.

Every tech site on the planet is writing about Apple and Psystar, but in my view the best coverage is via Groklaw and World of Apple:

  • Groklaw has an excellent dissection and takedown of Psystar’s public license, exposing them to be monumental hypocrites with licensing terms even stricter than Apple’s. It’s great reading for anyone interested in this case, and mandatory for those who actually believe Psystar gives a damn about anything other than making a quick buck by stealing the work of others.
  • Meanwhile, World of Apple’s reporting on Psystar has been excellent not only in its attention to detail, but also in avoiding the sexy headlines or misinformation other sites rush to in order to get page hits or publish first.

I tend to reserve my opinion of what’s going on in this trial until one or the other of these sites chime in. It takes a little longer (after all, they’re digesting and making sense of the facts, not trying to be “first”), but I feel informed after I read their takes, not dirty.