She’s Still PC But It Doesn’t Matter: Lauren’s Back!


I wrote about her in Microsoft’s ads here and here. In the latter post I went to far as to tell Microsoft “I’m begging you to bring back Lauren #1.”

Well, Microsoft didn’t, but HP did. Lauren’s the star of a new HP ad where she talks about using the laptop she bought in a Microsoft ad (an HP Pavillion dv7) to finish her thesis and graduate.

It’s in the style of HP’s other “hands” commercials, so there’s no headshot, but it’s a smart ad and very well done. I mean, isn’t it a lot more effective when you don’t tell people the primary reason you bought something was simply because it was dirt cheap?

This ad is better than all the Laptop Hunter ads put together and multiplied by 10. Well done, HP.

2 thoughts on “She’s Still PC But It Doesn’t Matter: Lauren’s Back!

  1. Tom, you should read what I wrote today about the laptop hunter ads that i think is yet another caveat to their design.

  2. I can’t speak for her taste in cheap PC’s, but I will say that she’s so……. CUTE!

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