They Are Coming…

Ms Store

Only two stores at first, but one of them happens to be at the mall of my very own Apple Store. In fact, I’m posting from there now. Not sure when the Microsoft Store opens.

By the way, I risked my life taking this photo. OK, not really, but when I was done (I took three shots) a security guard caught up with me telling me this was a no no. He wasn’t snotty, in fact he was cool, but it’s nuts how paranoid we’re getting about people taking pictures any more.

6 thoughts on “They Are Coming…

  1. Usually the mall cops get briefed about everything in the malls they work at … They know more than most think they do … An Apple Store is VERY closely guarded while under construction … Like the one in Greenville currently under construction is.

  2. Tom, you should organize a flash mob to show up and take photos! Secretly video tape it and post it on YouTube. 😀

  3. Didn’t really give one. Asked me if I’d been taking photos of the Microsoft “wall”. I said yes, and he said “they” didn’t like that. Microsoft? The mall? The photographic society of America? He never said who “they” was, and I never asked. I’d already taken my shots and was walking away when he spoke to me anyway.

    He was pleasant, said it was no no deal, then asked if I was trying to get the Xbox logo in the picture. I told him I wanted Windows 7, Xbox, and Bing in the photo, and that Microsoft was only opening two of these stores initially. He said yes, and that the other was in AZ (I was surprised he knew that). And that was it.

  4. The only reason I can think of for Microsoft opening these stores is Ballmer’s obvious Apple envy/hatred. It makes no sense of any kind. They won’t make money, not that Microsoft care’s. They sell items that you can get just about anywhere. Bing is free, XBox is everywhere and has lost the company huge amounts of money, nobody is going to a store to buy Office…it’s just bizarre…

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