Verizon Still Believes In Dictating Hardware Terms. Morons.

The latest buzz is that Verizon is not going to sell the Palm Pre anytime soon (or maybe any time at all). Sure, the Pre has had its issues. The keyboard is criticized as being cheesy, the SDK isn’t much, there are no apps to speak of, and it’s only on Sprint. All told maybe 800K have been sold, which is not particularly impressive.

Still, some felt that when the Pre was available on Verizon sales may take off. Ah, but they forgot that Verizon is still partying like it’s the hey day of U.S. carriers. They still want to dictate terms to hardware manufacturers and force their own services upon users:

Another snag is that Verizon wants VCast, its applications and mobile media download service, to be featured heavily on its phones. This is in direct conflict with Palm’s app store, according to these sources.

Verizon is clueless. A potential decent phone is being ignored by them because they can’t use it to push their crap services? Isn’t that an indication of a hopelessly out of touch company with a certain disdain for their customer base? Yep, that’s Verizon alright.

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5 thoughts on “Verizon Still Believes In Dictating Hardware Terms. Morons.

  1. Usually a 2 year contract with cash penalties for early termination. I can’t drop Verizon because it’s what my wife’s family all use.

  2. The only good thing about Verizon is their network. The rest of it sucks. I believe they did tell Apple to pound sand over the iPhone before Apple turned to AT&T. Of course they did. That’s how visionary they are.

  3. Cr*ppy hardware company and the world’s cr*ppiest telecom can’t get together? You’d think it would be a marriage made in heaven.

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