Dear Verizon: I Found Two Maps That You Forgot To Mention

Perhaps you’ve seen the Verizon ads spoofing Apple’s iPhone commercials with the tagline “there’s a map for that.” Or maybe you’ve read one of the million posts that started the night they debuted. Using that tagline, while showing coverage maps for Verizon and AT&T, Verizon could kill two birds with one stone: attack AT&T while digging at the iPhone.

It’s not a bad tack when you consider the iPhone is gaining ground at a phenomenal rate, even in the face of Verizon’s many 2-for-1 Blackberry giveaways. Frankly, they needed an ad not just against AT&T, but the iPhone as well.

Still, it won’t work no matter how many pundits applaud the ads. You see, there are two maps Verizon doesn’t bother to mention.

Map #1: AT&T iPhone WiFi Hotspots

Above is the map of available AT&T WiFi hotspots. These provide free WiFi access to iPhone users, the device even logs you in automatically when you’re in range.

This is a great smartphone advantage from AT&T because:

  • WiFi is a lot faster than a 3G network.
  • WiFi uses much less power than 3G, extending your battery life.
  • Your plan’s 3G “data clock” is not running, you’re on free time.
  • You can use VOIP apps to make calls that avoid using your calling minutes.

Available at airports, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, and many other places, I make use of AT&T wireless with my iPhone every single day. It’s a huge value-add to AT&T’s smartphone equation.

Good luck finding Verizon WiFi hotspots for your smartphone. if the phone’s on WiFi it’s not on their network, and they don’t want it off their network. Watch VCAST videos, buy (cheesy) ringtones, buy (crappy) apps, etc. from their network. Heck, it’s hard enough even getting a phone from Verizon that has WiFi; they’d rather you not use it even in your home.

Map #2: Verizon iPhone Coverage Area

Above is the map showing Verizon’s coverage area for the iPhone.

No wonder Verizon wants you to select a network first, then a phone. After reviewing the wannabe and knock-off smartphones they offer, most people would choose an iPhone, which Verizon can’t provide. So instead Verizon says “Just believe our network ads and go with us, then select one of our inferior devices, never leave our network, and let us nickel-and-dime you with charges.”

Compare devices, people. It matters. If you fall for Verizon’s line, then later realize you want out, too bad; there isn’t an app for that.

Posted via email from The Small Wave.

4 thoughts on “Dear Verizon: I Found Two Maps That You Forgot To Mention

  1. Meh,

    Are you saying you’ll be able to “do what you want with your phone wherever you are” with a VERIZON phone? Or, for that matter, even Android itself, which already has limitations on, for example, tethering apps?


    (*wiping tears from eyes*) Thanks for the laugh.

  2. because being able to do what you want with your phone wherever you are is somehow less important than how fancy it looks..

  3. Tom – ever since iPhone OS 3.0 I haven’t been able to log in to the free wifi at McDonald’s on my iPhone or my wife’s – it just stalls. By reports around the web – this is a common problem. It IS an awesome feature – well – it used to be when it worked.

    To be fair, I was told that McDonald’s must CHANGE ROUTER SETTINGS themselves – if you have a slack franchiser who doesn’t “know how to work the internets” you’re in trouble for a while.

    I have been able to log in at Starbucks just fine – it’s just that McDonald’s is practically every 5 miles around here – Starbucks isn’t – at least here.

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