A Desperate Verizon To Men: You’re An Absolute Candy-Ass If You Don’t Buy A Droid.

The macho image in advertising is pretty heavily used for truck commercials, and maybe power tools. They’re low in how functional the product actually is, and high in how much of a he-man you’ll look like using it.

Now I guess the macho image applies to smartphones as well (sorry, “robot phones”). After all, what man looking to overcome his inadequacies wouldn’t be drawn to these:

  • Crush a rock
  • Punch a hole through a steel wall
  • Run apps with axle-greased ease

There’s more, but be warned only Neanderthals need apply.

Male or female, the first thing I look for is a mind at work. I can only hope no more men will be swayed by this crap than women are swayed because a product is pink, or has a mirror. This kind of “macho” advertising makes me ashamed of my gender.

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6 thoughts on “A Desperate Verizon To Men: You’re An Absolute Candy-Ass If You Don’t Buy A Droid.

  1. “Credibility of Newt Gingrich.” As a political conservative, I laughed at that remark!

    • Maybe they meant his marital credibility. Three divorces and adultery tend to diminish your overall reputation for credibility.

      Or it was the $300,000 fine he paid for an ethics violation for failing to provide accurate statements to Congress. Filing inaccurate statements to Congress is also considered “not credible.”

      • Let us just be happy there are things liberals and conservatives can agree on!

  2. Droid 3.0: brass knuckles along the side. A button that deploys a smoke screen to allow for a quick escape. XRay specs for viewing the ladies.

    I kind of LIKE the ad, actually; it’s got some attitude, and nice visuals, in a Former Soviet Union sort of way. Too bad the phone itself has a wimpy Java development environment; an effete physical keyboard; and is supported by two companies, Verizon and Motorola, with all the credibility of Newt Gingrich.

    • Opinions vary, but the day I see “crushing rocks” and “punching a hole in steel walls” as “attitude”, please start looking for nursing homes for me.

      To me, “attitude” is smart, savvy, witty and confident. THIS ad is none of those things, it’s grunt brutality. In fact, I see this ad as threatening to CRUSH anyone with real attitude. Basically, it’s yeah, I’m big, dumb and stupid, but I can beat you up.

  3. I like the commercials. They remind me of the Ram truck ones. But here’s where the Droid falls down: the thing looks like it was designed in the Soviet Union, and then it gets slapped with Verizon and Motorola logos on the front. What? How brain-dead can a company be? Why oh why must Verizon throw that ridiculous logo on the front of the Droid? It ruins the whole experience! Everyone knows Verizon sells the Droid. Why must they insist on putting it on the front of the Droid? It’s baffling. Geez, Verizon, if you insist on having your precious logo on the thing then at least have the gumption to put it on the back. Do you see the ATT logo anywhere on an iPhone? Or even Apple’s on the front?

    As much as the Droid commercials are cutting edge it gets ruined once you actually see the thing. What a lame attempt at phone design. How much better it would have been to make a really rugged, industrial-designed phone and leave the marketing crap at home. Allow it to be mysterious, to make people ask about about it. Nope. Over-the-top, in your face marketing is the only way to sell things, I guess. Verizon’s marketing is more important than the user’s experience. This is why Apple rules. They don’t need to splatter their name all over everything. They have a nice logo on the back, and it’s classy and defined and disciplined. The Droid reminds me of an HP or Dell laptop getting slapped with multiple stickers from Intel, Microsoft and ATI. Ruins the whole experience. I guess these marketing folks will NEVER learn.

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