To Blog Or To Twitter?

Lately I’ve become more involved with Twitter. I can’t do this blog full-time, so sometimes I’m just too busy to comment on recent events. I could write a few days later, but by then the issue is “cold” and we’ve moved on. With Twitter I can always comment about what’s going on, and I find myself doing just that.

I mention this because I’ve modified the Twitter section in the footer. Instead of sharing space on the right, it’s now the entire left column. It displays more tweets, and I’ve removed “replies” to keep it focused on my thoughts.

If you check this site daily and review the tweets, most or all of them will be new. So you see there are things going on in my brain even if I haven’t written a new blog post.

2 thoughts on “To Blog Or To Twitter?

  1. I’m not saying I’ll blog less. I’ve written anywhere from four articles a month to 30-something. It varies because I cannot work at it full time.

    But now, even if I can’t write an article I can still get my thoughts out there via Twitter. A good example is today when I made some observations on Google’s Chrome OS announcements.

    A lot of comments in my Twitter stream may have never made it into an article, so I like the idea of using both tools.

  2. Sorry to hear that you will be blogging less. C’est la vie.

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