Roundup of My Live Tweets From Google’s Nexus One Q&A Session

Google introduced HTC’s Nexus One phone today. After the demo a Q&A session was held, beginning around 10:50 am Pacific Time. Below, in reverse chronological order, is the “live” Tweet stream I published as I watched the session:

treestman Q&A: The session is over. They’re all breaking for lunch. And as I sit at home I think I’ll do the same. 🙂 #google #nexusone

treestman Q&A: #Google said they wouldn’t do a phone, what happened? No, we said we wouldn’t BUILD a phone, this is a partnership. #nexusone

treestman Q&A: Will #Google voice still port to #iPhone, or keep it to #Android? We don’t intend to keep things exclusive.

treestman Q&A: #Google confirms #NexusOne coming to #Verizon soon.

treestman Q&A: How to deal w/ different #Android versions? Some existing models will have a chance to get 2.1; working on it.

treestman Q&A: Will #NexusOne cannibalize #Droid sales? Without answering, said that Droid will be updated.

treestman Q&A: Compare super-phone and smartphone? Evolution of the platform, and “openness”. Ha! We’re “open”, we need a new name!

treestman Q&A: #NexusOne will it support multi-touch in #Google maps in US? They dodged a lot, and finally said we’ll consider it.

treestman Q&A: Are hardware keyboards dead? Different people want different things, it’s about “choice”. No courage of their convictions. #nexusone

treestman Q&A: Empty chair is for #Motorola Co-CEO, who’s stuck in traffic. Ha!

treestman Q&A: Given #ATT issues, can #TMobile & others handle the data? The answer was about “choice” (in short, they have no idea and don’t care).

treestman Q&A: Will #NexusOne support tethering? We’re looking into it (in other words, no).

treestman Q&A: Clarify revenue opportunity for #Google w/ #NexusOne? Obviously, it’s ads. Not trying to get margin on units.

treestman Q&A: If #NexusOne is all about choice, why choose it for $530 over a $99 #iPhone? Well, that’s a choice. Um, dumb answer, guys.

treestman Q&A: Why did #Google design phone? They didn’t, #HTC did. Will #Android 2.1 come to #Droid? Yes.

treestman Q&A: Will #Google carry #NexusOne inventory? They dodged, but the answer is “no”, you’re getting the phone from #HTC.

treestman Q&A: Is #NexusOne an #iPhone killer? It’s a “super-phone” and it’s all about choice. They didn’t really answer.

treestman 1st question in #NexusOne Q&A is if the constrained app storage still exists in #Android 2.1. They danced, but the answer is “yes”.

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