The Remarkable Transformation of the HTC Nexus One

HTC’s Nexus One has undergone an amazing transformation in the press the last couple of days.

 Before The Apple Lawsuit

On March 1st, the general consensus about the Nexus One was that:

  • It’s the best  Android  phone to date; maybe a “Droid killer”, not an iPhone killer.
  • Android OS was copying more and more from the iPhone OS. Seemed multi-touch in the US was the only major feature not copied (it was added later).
  • It wasn’t selling that well. Google had two giveaways. It underwent a price drop. The ETF was lowered.
  • Android OS was appealing mostly to males. It’s a geek phone.
  • No one suggested Apple be afraid.

 After The Apple Lawsuit

In the last 36 hours how things have changed. As of now we’re to believe:

  • It was almost as good as the iPhone, maybe better.
  • Copy, schmopy. We don’t discuss that. Boys will be boys.
  • No one gets specific, but it was apparently selling quite well.
  • Apple is afraid. Very, very afraid.

One of the above states is true, not both. I’ll believe the state as of March 1st, when there was little incentive to sensationalize a “rivalry” between the iPhone and Nexus One, and initial reviews agreed it was no real iPhone threat. The “new” state of the last 36 hours is hyperbole to make a court/ideological case for Apple against Google that doesn’t exist (Google was not sued).

Yes, Android is part of the suit, so Google is impacted. But so are  all of HTC’s partners. I see no articles decrying Apple’s “war” with companies supplying other parts of the Nexus One.

Seems the press is disappointed that Apple went after a corporation that’s actually manufacturing and distributing devices Apple believes have stolen IP. It’s a smart move by Apple, but it doesn’t let the press write juicy headlines (not factual ones, anyway) to garner hits. So instead they elevate the Nexus One to a status few would have bestowed upon it two days ago, allowing them to pull Google into it as much as possible.


2 thoughts on “The Remarkable Transformation of the HTC Nexus One

  1. Clearly, you must realize that if you don’t enforce your IP, you will lose it. If not Nexus One, then Nexus Two, Three…

  2. Ignore the pundits. Last week the story was “Android GAINING on the iPhone”, when, of course, the real story was that Android was released in, like, November. It’ll have a few more months (maybe) in the sun and will fade away, just as we saw with the other also-ran phone, the unfortunately named Palm Pixi. I applaud Apple for protecting their IP and MY investment in their stock.

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