Online Publishers: Other Industries Must Navigate Change, Not Us.

Here’s my point: businesses don’t get to pick the timetable for when their preferred model takes a permanent dirt nap. It’s insane to me that these businesses’ fans see this so much more clearly than their actual stakeholders do.

Merlin Mann is stirring up the online publishing community with this one, but he’s spot on, IMO.

Is there some sense of “entitlement” in the content space? Sure. Is that the reason some online publishers can’t make enough money, or grow the way they want to? No. This is like the music industry blaming piracy for their woes, which everyone — even these same online publishers — calls them on.

Apparently, since online publishers consider themselves “new media” they’re free to blame their customers in a way they don’t think “old media” can. Bullshit.

If your existing model isn’t working, change it. If you can’t (or won’t) then you’ll probably go under, as most businesses do. Blaming your customer is never the answer.