iPad Can Import iWork or MS Office Files, But Export…?


With Keynote on iPad, you can import Microsoft PowerPoint files and Keynote presentations.

And if someone emails you a Pages or Word document, you can easily import it into Pages for iPad — ready to review or edit.

So if someone emails you a Numbers or Excel file, you can easily import it into Numbers for iPad.
The above were nice things to see today in the descriptions of the iWork applications for iPad.

Though Apple had specified iWork on the iPad would open iWork Mac documents, there was some question about whether you could receive an MS Office file (say, via email) and bring it into the iWork suite. Apple answered that question today. 

In reading further, however, while all three apps export in PDF or iWork format, only Pages claims to export in MS Office (i.e., Word) format. This could put a crimp on collaboration. Will it be something they add later?