Should Opera Mini be approved for the iPhone?

Apple gets dinged for not delivering the full Internet by excluding Flash, and yet I bet the very same Apple anti-fans won’t say a word about Opera not even trying.

Great article detailing why Opera Mini should not be approved for the App Store. It’s a good read, based on numerous technical/privacy/compliance factors, not just one or two philosophical points.

I also suggest you read this great post in the comments section.

Whether you agree with the various points made (I do), or whether those points should be reason for Apple to reject the app (I’m less convinced about that), it’s an important discussion.

The bottom line is that Opera Mini — Opera PR notwithstanding — is not a web browser in the sense we normally use the term. It does not render pages, but rather runs them through a proxy that involves many important “side effects”. A little education about that for a mass market (i.e. not geek-driven) device like the iPhone is a good idea.

1 thought on “Should Opera Mini be approved for the iPhone?

  1. Absolutely not. Nothing should touch the iPhone unless Steve Jobs says it’s OK. I won’t even leave my front door unless Steve suggests it. Any other policy would be a gateway to fouling the ecosystem with utter garbage such as pornography, flash, and microsoft programs.

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