The First iPhone sold eight times better than the Nexus One

In its first 74 days of availability, the Google Nexus One has sold an estimated 135,000 units, compared to 1 million in the same timeframe for the original iPhone, and 1.05 million for the Motorola Droid.

And that was at $499-$599 for a device that wasn’t “proven” yet. The Nexus One has no such excuses.

When will the tech pundits call the Nexus One what it really is: an abject failure?

[UPDATE:] To answer my question above, somebody finally did


1 thought on “The First iPhone sold eight times better than the Nexus One

  1. It was a flop because it was only available on T-Mobile. Now available for AT&T since March 17, 2010. Nexus maybe available on Verizon within the next month. Also, announced for Sprint.Too soon to say, but Nexus US marketshare doubled from 1% to 2% since launching on AT&T a day ago. Nexus available on most major wireless networks soon. Consumers are not forced to switch. My guess is that Nexus will soon catch up to Droid and double Androids marketshare.

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