Why Does Facebook Suggest People It Shouldn’t Know I Know?

Facebook’s tool found Alice in Bob’s address book, but even after being presented with Alice’s profile as a possible contact, Bob chose not to friend her (since they barely knew each other). Since Bob wouldn’t make the first move, Facebook is now showing Bob to Alice as a suggested friend hoping that Alice will initiate the connection. Basically, Facebook is going behind Bob’s back after he explicitly chose not to friend Alice, and is trying to get Alice to do [sic] make the connection anyway.

When it’s all electronic, you really don’t know if what you think is private is private at all.

I’ve modified some Facebook security options to help protect my data. With such seeming disregard for what ought be private, you might think Facebook tops the list of companies I’m concerned about in this “nothing is private” digital age. Nope. That would be Google.