Microsoft cuts out paste on new phone OS

Microsoft has confirmed comments made at MIX10 that Windows Phone 7 Series devices won’t be able to cut and paste between applications

You might expect me to blast Microsoft for this, but I only do so partially. If they’re holding off because they have other priorities (as Apple did) it makes sense. The iPhone proved two things: 1) We can get by w/o copy/paste better than we thought; 2) Once you get it done right, it’s a huge time saver.

If Microsoft is waiting until they can do it “right”, and in the meantime rely on their number- and address-recognition to help with some cases, more power to them.

What I do find odd, however, is that Microsoft is delaying the same things Apple did (multi-tasking, too). It can’t be a coincidence their “priorities” match Apple’s exactly. It seems they’re following Apple’s path because it worked for Apple, but that’s likely a mistake. Microsoft’s base is not the same. Besides, it shows a lack of confidence in what features to delay, and how to explain it, that concerns me more than anything else.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft cuts out paste on new phone OS

  1. Mike, I don’t disagree. None of us really multitask anyway; we context switch. Along with saving the state, I would add there also needs to be fast performance. Those two things, in practice, are virtually indistinguishable from multitasking on a device where you can only view one “window” at a time anyway.

  2. I’m really not sure what the big fuss is all about with regards to multitasking – if they can ensure that when I switch between apps, state is save and restored as needed (i.e. it’s not a restart each time) then it’s not going to be a problem in my opinion.

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