Amazon Speaks: iPad Kindle App Will Be Cool, But Late

Amazon promises that the iPad version of the Kindle app it is working on will be cool, but it won’t be ready when the first Apple devices show up April 3. That’s because the e-commerce giant, like most other developers, hasn’t been able to test the app on a real device. And it’s going to wait until it can do so to finish the software.

They’re stupid not to deliver on April 3. With no Kindle App why not try Apple’s iBooks? Which is just what many will do.

It’s hard to believe they’re really waiting for the physical device to test with. Very few developers have the physical device yet there will be thousands of native iPad apps available on opening day. Besides, this is just an eReader, hard to believe the physical device will make that big a difference. Get the app in the store, and if the physical device makes a difference push an update out ASAP.

I think the real reason is that it’s simply not ready. Amazon dragged their feet since the iPad was announced. They’ve focused on agreements and posturing with content providers, an SDK for the Kindle, and pushing out a weak beta of Kindle for the Mac. All those things should have taken a back seat to the iPad.

Only thing left is for their late Kindle iPad app to kick ass. Early looks seem promising. If the buying experience isn’t significantly improved over the iPhone version, they blew it. Big time.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Speaks: iPad Kindle App Will Be Cool, But Late

  1. Tom – the first time I’ve had to disagree with you ):There is no substitute for testing on an actual device. The simulator environment is not sufficiently realistic to base a release decision on.If you have a large user base – and a reputation to uphold – you cannot release an App without first running it on iPad proper.

  2. This is especially true since there is an SDK iPad emulator already available that developers can and do use to test their apps without any need for an actual tablet!

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