Is Palm’s Last Hope To Build A Tablet? Um, No.

Perhaps, Palm could reverse its fortunes and regain its former glory if it went back to its PDA roots and developed a tablet PC to compete with the iPad?

Palm is bleeding. Last quarter’s results were a disaster, and even more recently an analyst cut the price target to $0, leading to a pummeling of the stock, down nearly 30%.

Add to that the fact Palm couldn’t even get the hardware of the original Pre right at a time when they had good press and solid financial backing. Yet now it’s being suggested their “last hope” is to design and bring to market a completely new product? That’s not going to happen.

Palm’s real “last hope” is almost certainly to sell. If not the entire company, than at least the webOS and their patent portfolio.

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  1. What do you expect from PC World? They often speak with first engaging their brains. Don’t forget– these are a bunch of guys who like to sit around discussing, for example, Microsoft’s latest “bold innovations”.

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