In A Shocker, Laptop Magazine Says A Cheap Laptop Is Better Than The iPad.

The iPad is a mobile Internet device that focuses on multimedia and dabbles in productivity. It’s a supersized iPod touch with enhanced capabilities

Laptop magazine doesn’t quite understand the iPad. A big iPod touch? Gee, I haven’t heard that before. Dabbles in productivity? Oh I forgot, “productivity” is from the Latin, meaning Microsoft Office.

It’s rather pathetic how the authors had to grovel at the feet of the generic netbook device, netbook manufacturers, and Microsoft in order to have “netbooks” beat a device they’ve never used in only five of 10 categories (the iPad won three; two were draws).

I have to wonder if, given how the deck was stacked against it, three wins and a couple draws is actually an iPad victory at this stage of the game. I mean, it cleared five categories without even showing up. Impressive performance, but don’t try telling Laptop Magazine that.

3 thoughts on “In A Shocker, Laptop Magazine Says A Cheap Laptop Is Better Than The iPad.

  1. Yes, but it runs wonky thanks to WIN OS or is missing drivers under LInux. Don’t compromise. Buy an ipad for ultra portablibilty and a macbook that runs Mac OS, Linux, & WIN OS in a STABLE environment.

  2. Why is this a surprise? All the geeks believe that cheap netbooks are the solution to having the world’s greatest mobile platform. Windows 7, a physical keyboard, bunches of ports, multitasking and Flash all for $350 is a winner. Especially the convertible netbooks which supposedly for about $400 will transform the mobile geek into a high-tech superman that can do everything on the fly. When one is living life on the cheap a no-name Swiss-army knife is much better an expensive Shun knife because it can handle many various tasks.Not every consumer aims for that, though. You don’t need a backhoe just to plant a few vegetables. So the iPad is being deemed a failure by the geeks without even being touched or even sold yet. Hardware specs are everything to a geek, so it’s understandable. Yeah, sure, we all want Microsoft Office on a tablet, how could I have been so dense. I’ve got MS Office on my Windows XP BootCamp partition and I’ve got MS Office on my OSX Snow Leopard partition, so naturally I should have it on my iPad for good measure. Nothing like wasting more storage space. Being a geek takes them to a whole new level, far beyond the ordinary consumer. No matter, the consumers will enjoy using the iPad even though it’s a dumbed down device. It was meant to be that way. Hardware specs do not guarantee a successfully selling product. Namely, the Nexus One.Yeah, who needs a Mac when you can “hackintosh” a netbook. No geek, for certain. Only those low-tech consumers who are unable to do it and happen to badly be in need of honest-to-goodness customer support for even standard products.

  3. So you haven’t noticed that you can Hackintosh a netbook and put Snow Leopard on it and Dual Boo it with Linux? Who needs Mac to get Mac?

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